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TiteSheet Reviews

TiteSheet Reviews

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   Robert T. on Jan 2, 2021

Now all fitted sheets seem to be made for the thickest mattress out there, so if you have anything thinner you end up with a lot of loose sheet. On top of that, I just bought a hybrid mattress which is really comfortable, but weighs a ton. Anything with straps is impossible to use unless you are 2 body builders! This seems to be the best solution so far. I've just started using these - easy to install - you're not going to break out in a sweat! If they work out as well as I hope they do, I'll come back and up it to 5 stars.


TiteSheet Works In My Camper Van

   Melissa W. on Dec 12, 2020

I finally had the opportunity to use the titesheet on the bed in my camper van. The mattress is on top of slats and is also a custom size, making the sheets too large for the mattress. I thought this would be more challenging, but the titesheets are doing the job! I had to put a piece of cardboard between the titesheets and the slats to secure them better and it keeps them in place. Thanks for helping me solve another loose and wrinkly sheet problem!


It Works!

   Melissa on Sep 07, 2020

I was a little hesitant but wrinkles drive me mad so I gave it a shot. Glad I did! I have a platform bed and wasn't sure if it would work but the titesheet fits tightly between the mattress and edge of the bed frame so stays in place. The sheets are tencel and fairly slippery but all is good. I'm happy.



   Rick F on Jun 01, 2020

We have been looking for a solution to eliminate the excess material on the bottom fitted sheet. We have used them for over a week and are thrilled! We were a little concerned that the instructions indicate that the weight of the mattress will keep the roller and the base in place became we have a Sleep Number bed. Not a problem. They hold tite! Thanks!


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Finally Found A Solution!

  Gabrielle O.
I received my TiteSheet set a few days ago and I love what they do!!! I have looked high and low for a very long time for a solution to bunched up sheets, I am the proverbial Princess and the Pea! I will spread the word..thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Great Product !

  Michael L.

Product worked very well to solve my sheet problem! The company is honest and straightforward and strives to be very helpful. I am very pleased and would recommend this product. Make sure you have 2 or 3 inches of sheet hanging over the bottom of the mattress on each side for a successful fit. Thank you TiteSheet !!!!