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How Does TiteSheet Work?

TiteSheet™ uses an innovative, interlocking design with a roller and base on opposite sides of a mattress that tighten and hold a bed sheet in place. You simply roll the edge of the fitted (or flat) sheet around the roller 2-3 times. Push the rolled-up sheet under the mattress (between the mattress and box springs) about 2-3 inches. Insert the L-shaped base against the rolled-up sheet to "lock in" the rolled-up sheet. Be sure the ridges on the base point toward the floor. Use these same steps on the opposite side of the mattress to pull the bed sheet tightly around the mattress.

Important Information To Know Before Purchasing?

TiteSheet will not work with older fitted bed sheets with only a 12" depth (or drop).  If you have (or buy) a newer bed sheet with an 18" depth, you will have enough excess fitted sheet on each side of the mattress for TiteSheet to work properly.

I See Some Negative Reviews On Amazon Of Your Titesheet Product. Should I be Worried?

Many TiteSheet buyers on Amazon attempted to use TiteSheet with older bedsheets that had only a 12-inch depth, which, as clearly stated in our product description, is not enough for TiteSheet to work properly. You can use TiteSheet confidently with sheets that have an 18-inch depth, knowing that you will have enough excess fitted sheet for TiteSheet to work. Also, you will get the best possible results if you take time to view the installation video on our website to understand how TiteSheet works.

What Other Tidbits Should I Know?

A bed sheet will stretch with use between washings. The tightness of the bed sheet can be adjusted easily by: (i) pulling the rolled bed sheet and base from the under the mattress, (ii) gripping the rolled bed sheet and roller together, (iii) pulling down until the desired tightness is achieved, (iv) rolling the wrapped sheet another rotation or two, and (v) re-installing the rolled-up bed sheet and base between the mattress and box springs. Sometimes, it may work better to push the roller and base further (2-4 inches) under the mattress than to make another turn on the roller to tighten the fitted sheet.

Use TiteSheet as a Travel Accessory?

    TiteSheet is great for the traveler who cannot tolerate how the bed sheet (usually a flat sheet) comes loose on hotel beds. You don’t want to lose a good night’s sleep before that important meeting or big vacation day.  The TiteSheet roller and base can be packed easily in your luggage.  Your biggest problem will be to remember to take TiteSheet with you when you leave.  Also, you may have to remove the TiteSheet roller and base to avoid confusing the housekeeping staff.

    Will TiteSheet Keep The Sheet Tight Even If Kids Or Pets Jump Around On The bed?

    Yes, TiteSheet is designed to keep your bed sheets tight and in place. You don’t have to worry about wrinkly sheets and can enjoy a restful night’s sleep no matter how much your kids or pets play and jump around on your bed. If the bed sheet is stretched by any activity, simply re-tighten the bed sheet as described above under "Tidbits".

    Can I Use TiteSheet If I Have A Mattress Pad?

    The TiteSheet™ roller and base can be used on mattress pads as well as a fitted or flat sheet. However, in our experience, TiteSheet holds the bed sheet in place so well that using TiteSheet on the mattress pad is not necessary.

    Where Should I Place TiteSheet On My Mattress?

    The TiteSheet™ roller and base are used primarily in the middle of the bed, but can be used anywhere on the mattress (e.g., at the top and bottom of the mattress, or near a corner to help hold the fitted bed sheet on a corner of the mattress).

    Will TiteSheet Work With All Fabrics?

    We've learned from our customers that TiteSheet will not work with bamboo bed sheets because the material is just too slippery and will not "lock in" the bed sheet around the roller.

    I Have A Question That Has Not Been Addressed Here. Can You Help Me?

    We would love to answer any questions that you may have. All you need to do is simply fill out the contact form and we will get back to you. You can also call us at (763) 443-4393 or email us at

    How Do I Find Out More About TiteSheet?

    Browse through our website for more information about TiteSheet, including how to use it, customer reviews, guarantee and warranty, and more. You can also contact us and we will update you on all our latest offerings.